People have always been fascinated by miniatures.  In childhood, most of us played with miniature cars and toy soldiers.  In later years, many move on to scale model kits, toy trains, and of course, finely crafted metal soldiers used in wargames.  Why we find miniatures so appealing is a good question.  Perhaps creating and looking down on little models makes us feel in control.  We become creators and can set things out in any manner that please us.  The whole of our miniature world, whether train set, gaming table or scale model can be seen and accounted for with a glance.  This is not so in the real world in which we live.  The real world is large and complex beyond comprehension.  It's no wonder we are drawn to these simple, more manageable models.  The world spins around me fast as ever, events from far off countries invade my home through radio, TV, and the internet.  The mail brings reminders of financial obligations to my door, and tommorow I shall have to arrive at a dreaded place called work to meet them.  None of that matters now as I head down to my basement workshop to build a small castle and perhaps paint a new soldier.  My world is manageable once more.