Fortress pics, blocks made from Hirst Arts molds.
You think a national endowment for the miniature arts is a good use of taxpayer money.
If you make 'Boom' noises when firing your miniature cannons.
If you have ever dreamed of shrinking an old cathedral and adding it to your collection.
If you have envisioned making the dining room table into a gaming board.
You own more than twenty dice.
You spend more time with little lead figures than your wife.
If you believe this is a better use of your time.
If you think those little figures are prettier than your wife, more so if the figure is an orc.
Your spirits soar when you hear the words charge!
Every time you see a ping pong table you sigh and think it would be better used as a gamming board.
Your most prized possessions are made of lead.
And you lovinly painted each and everyone of them.
You can name the eccentric charater traits of every fantasy race.
You were one of the people that made the evil empire rich.
You now have a love/hate relationship with the evil empire.
You know what company the evil empire refers to.
You ever wished a close relitive worked for the evil empire.
Your reading this list !
If anyone has any new ideas for the fanatic list, or miniature funnies send them in.