Facts about the castle
Its hightest tower is 29 inches above the ground. That's approximately 150 feet in scale.
It's rear wall is nine and one half inches tall.
It measures 48 inches wide by 34 inches deep, The base is 44 inches deep.
Construction : Base- plywood, Walls- foamboard, Keep- foamboard and styrofoam, Towers- card tubing, Tower Tops - Hirst Arts circular tower mold bocks. Steps- wood and Hirst Arts Blocks.
Large Window and Doors - Fortress Figures, Small Windows and Main Gate - Citidel Miniatures, Bridge - Hirst Arts Bocks. Buildings - Card and foamboard, Moat- Paint and high gloss sealer., Paint - textured with sand, Banners- cloth (from warflags site) Approximate Cost- $110,
Approximate Construction Time
-  ?,According to my wife, forever.
Number of Towers:
ten, Number of Levels: twelve                                  
Notes: I wanted to make a large detailed castle that would be close in scale to a real castle. Lots of levels and towers were also planned to make the castle more interesting to look at and  hard to capture. I would not want to attempt to take this castle without at least three times the defenders' troop values. More pictures of the inside buildings and little details will be added in a few weeks. The doors and large window, by Fortress Figures all have a lip on the back side that makes them easy to use with this type of construction. Just cut the hole and insert, the frame will cover the rough spots. I highly recommend them for your modeling projects.
Large window made Fortress Figures..
Arched doorway also by Fortress Figures.
Bridge made with Hirst Arts blocks.
Top of Keep
Door by Fortress Figures
Mega Castle
Dooway by Fortress Figs.