Evil Temple
Greetings dungeon explorers, before we journey into the temple I'd like to offer a few notes on its construction and background.  The temple sits in the heart of the dungeon, here evil men and other vile creatures can worship their dark gods in secret. Originally it was planed to be twice its present size. But the temple priest ended up sacrificing to many of the laborers and the plans had to be cut to a more practical size. (Read I couldn't fit the first plan on the gaming table and leave room for other models.) The main floor was done mostly with the Hirst Arts cobblestone mold. The balcony floor was painted to look like marble, but I was not able to get a good pic of it. The columns are from the Tomb mold as are the decorative tiles and banister. As I reasoned the temple would be better maintained than other parts of the dungoen, I made the walls straight and aimed for a less run down look.
Warning Pansy elves may want to flee, at the sight of this evil temple!
Dungeon of Doom