Welcome to the Dungeon of Doom
Fountain base made with blocks from Hirst Arts Circular Tower mold.
Pillars made by Fortress Figures
Shelf made from block in Hirst Arts
Bell Tower mold.
Vase was carved from plaster, a bead was glued on the lid for detail.
Floor torches by Dwarven Forge. Table made From balsa wood.
Notice how I used a block from the Bell Tower upside down to create the statue's pedistool. Tops of  Wizard Towers buttress blocks were cut off, to use the blocks as wall mounted carvings.
Another pic of the treasure room.
Door and pillars by Fortress Figures. Bell Tower shelves placed under recessed arches make a nice touch.
The out of focus wall torch was made from green stuff modeling putty.
If you have suggestions for my dungeon, rooms you'd like to see, modeling tips etc. post them on my board or e-mail me.
Above - Door fits loose in archway so it can be removed if an open archway is wanted. Door was scratch built from plastic board. and balsa wood. Door knobs made from small beads