Welcome to the Dungeon of Doom
Dark sprawling dungeons filled with horrid creatures and fabulous  treasures have always been a cornerstone of fantasy. We relate  to dungeons because they reflect our fears and hopes of the future. What's around the next coner, a monster , treasure or empty room? For most, the journey through life is filled with anticipation, fear ,hope and a longing for exploration. Will you have the courage to press on, solve lifes puzzles and slay your demons, at last claiming your treasure, or will you lose your way in a dark maze? Only time will tell.                               
My goal in building the dungeon was to reflect an aged, dreadful environment. It would have to contain detail to lend personality, yet still be generic enough to  use in many different games. This is not a dormia, it was built for gamming. The dungeon is made up of sections based on wood grids that can be arranged in different orders. Doors and hallways were made to line up from grid to grid. These are only the first pics as the project is far from complete. Check back I'll be adding more as I build them. Update Dungeon of Doom 2,3,4 now done check them out!
Above is the forge. Left a bridge spans a dirty sewer. Its hard to see from this picture, but thats a dead rotting body hanging above the water (on right)
Enter If You Dare